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Your Self Care Matters webinar flyer
Your self-care matters:
How to prevent burn-out, overwhelm, guilt, and apathy
Calling all Social Workers, Therapists and Case Managers!

Do you invest more time in suffering than in celebration?
Do you struggle with hitting the reset button after work?
Do you struggle with saying no to others?
Do you often have more work than time?

YOUR SELF-CARE MATTERS is for the empathetic, overwhelmed and busy social worker, case manager or therapist who often neglects their own self-care needs, struggles with work-life balance, compassion fatigue and burnout. Many of us have experienced the high expectations, low compensation, endless documentation, insufficient support/supervision and the physical and emotional exhaustion of this work. Join us for a 30-45-minute FREE webinar beginning 3/22/2018 at 6pm EST to learn ways to disconnect from the work day while at home, practice healthier self-care habits, improve self-advocacy, improve energy management; while giving yourself permission to find the renewal and satisfaction desired to offer your full self to the world.

Click on the link below to register for the FREE Your Self Care Matters Webinar: